Our Services

Our services, housekeeping and general maintenance team have been with us since the company was founded back in 2006. Our team have a wealth of experience in their specialised areas and are always happy to answer any questions or calls from our guests. For peace of mind we also provide a 24 hour plumber and electrician on call in case of any emergencies.



Our linen and towels are provided by a professional laundry company, who deliver and collect our stock on a weekly basis, each item is treated, washed and pressed to the highest standard.

The towels we provide are eco-knit and friendly to the environment, which is helping us become a greener establishment.

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Should you encounter a problem in your apartment, our dedicated support and maintenance team are on-hand to respond to 99% of situations on the same-day. All of our team members and contractors have worked with us for many years and they are friendly and helpful in every aspect.

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Client Support

Your dedicated BAS contact can be reached 24/7 to answer any queries or problems that you may encounter during your stay. You will be provided with their direct contact number when you receive your check-in information and complete your booking.

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